Are you tired of spinning your wheels? 

Do you want to double or triple your results?


Then you NEED Play BIGGER Bootcamp!  Play BIGGER Bootcamp will help you:

  • Stop playing small & PLAY BIGGER to get what you really want faster (What do you want?  More time, energy, money & better relationships?  Don’t know what you want – we’ll be covering that too!)
  • Replace your old, dis-empowering beliefs with empowering beliefs to achieve the BIG breakthrough you’ve been praying for!
  • Get out of your own way and reach your BIG goals faster!
  • Face your fears and expand your comfort zone to increase your confidence & courage!


  • Do you make things too hard?  
  • Do you get in your own way?
  • Do you know what to do but don’t do it?
  • Do little things keep you away from your BIG goals?

Stop the insanity and join me at

Play BIGGER Bootcamp!

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After 8 weeks, you’ll know how to:

  • Think BIGGER.  Be Bolder! Begin to think and act in BIGGER, Bolder ways starting today!
  • Decide. Then Make It Right.—Stop putting off decisions.  Make decisions faster and ensure their success.
  • Master your Mindset.  Defeat the thought patterns that have you stuck and embrace the true power of your mind.
  • Face Your Fears— Tap into your inner courage to face your fears and get what you really want.
  • Ask for What you Want—Stop holding back from asking others for what you want and/or need.
  • Quit Making It So Hard—Stop getting in your own way by how you view the situation.
  • Make it Happen, Anyway— Build your inner resolve to make it happen despite the obstacles and difficulties you encounter.
  • Test Your Limits— Truly test your self-defined limits to see what you are really made of!

Play BIGGER Bootcamp Agenda:






Decide. Then Make It Right.


Master Your Mindset!


Face Your Fears.


Ask for What You Want.


Quit Making It So Hard.


Make It Happen Anyway.


Test Your Limits.


DURATION:            8 weekly sessions  (You’ll receive your first week immediately and the next 7 Mondays after that! You can listen to them anytime after you get them!)


  • EIGHT PLAY BIGGER Learning & Action Sessions   ($1000 value)
  • EIGHT PLAY BIGGER Missions complete with kick butt accountability to ensure you put it into action!  (Priceless!)
  • Play BIGGER Bootcamp Facebook Group to connect and build relationships with other participants (Priceless!)



  • $397 (One time payment)


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What are you waiting for?

How long have you been struggling with these same issues? Chances are it’s been more than a few years.  Isn’t it time for breakthrough?  Just imagine what you can do when you stop making it so hard and getting in your own way!  You can and I’ll show you how!

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  • Are the calls live?  The calls are pre-recorded.  The information will arrive for you each Monday.  To get the most out of the program it’s best to listen to each call ASAP after you get them so you stay on track (HINT schedule/block the time to do it Monday or ASAP)!
  • What if I want additional coaching?  Additional coaching can be purchased during the 8 week Play BIGGER Bootcamp at a discount.
  • Can I take this with my business partner or friend?  Absolutely – it’s encouraged!  You will have a greater accountability beyond the group which may be the extra kick some you need to play even BIGGER!  Want to use with a group of 8 or more?  Contact Amy for a discounted rate and/or group coaching to assist with successful integration and implementation.



Contact Amy Zastrow at 651.439.8605 or


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