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The KICK BUTT Product Line is designed to give you a virtual kick in the butt so you can achieve your big, hairy, audacious goals faster and easier.


(Workbook) Elevator Pitches Made Easy:  How to Get Their Attention and Get Them to Say “Tell Me More.”  

This downloadable workbook is designed to help you identify your core message, personally explore six approaches to elevator pitches and refine your elevator pitch. This workbook also contains helpful tips and an Elevator Pitch Checklist to make sure your pitch hits the mark!

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Increase success everyday with the Everyday Success EZine Collection!

Each volume of the Everyday Success EZine Collection includes 50 different topics(Each topic includes a Quote, Question, Quick Tips and a Challenge — see sample issue below) so you can read and apply these over a year OR just use them as a reference guide to what you need in the moment.  My goal for each and every issue was/is to make readers think and quickly move into action in a single area of business or life!  You can even purchase additional copies* as gifts!


    Here is what some Everyday Success readers said:

  • You always have such great things to say.  I read it and send it to my friends and family every week.  I think it is great! ~Cyrea
  • You are wise beyond your years.  Your writing is clear, focused,  and I adore your messages. I read them all, as soon as I can.  Do you have a book in the works?  ~Jeana
  • These are the best and always come at the right time!  ~Laura
  • Thank you for taking your time to send these each week!  I LOVE reading these! I just really want to say thank you for all you do!  ~Aleta
  • I love your short Ezine that you send out, it is one that I regularly read and partly that is how short it is and the other part is that is has very useable, tips.  ~ Becky
  • I love your kick-butt e-zine (and have saved most every copy to review in a folder in my old e-mail.)  I love getting your pearls of wisdom.  ~Kristin


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  • Volume One includes favorites such as:  Action, Balance, Change, Courage, Decisions, Focus, Goals, Gratitude, Hope, Love, Motivation, Planning, Procrastination, Success and Worry. 

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  • Volume Two includes favorites such as: Anger, Beliefs, Comfort Zone, Control, Delegation, Dreams, Forgiveness, Habits, Laughter, Networking, Organization, Problem-solving, Productivity, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Stress.

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  • Volume Three includes favorites such as:  Abundance, Clutter, Conflict, Creativity, Failure, Fear, Feedback (Giving It), Feedback (Receiving It), Fun, Integrity, Leadership, Obstacles, Patience, Perfectionism, Thoughts, and Time Management.

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  • Volume Four includes favorites such as: Boundaries, Customer Service, Determination, Excuses, Family, Holding Back, Holding On, Marketing, Meetings, Miracles, Overwhelm, Sales, Self-Care, Self-Doubt, Trust, and Values.

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*Want to give copies of any of these to your friend, family members, employees or colleagues?  Then to comply with  copyright laws— just increase the number of copies you want in your cart.  Then you may print or copy that number of copies.

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